Volunteers organize "french and computer day at shining kids center"

In its journey towards populations, in this case specifically children, Youth Institution Ghana in partnership with the Shining Kids Center launched the "French and computer day at shining kids center in Ghana" ...

Day during which there were several activities in French to allow these children to know certain concepts in the French language. They were also introduced to the use of the computer. There followed, a distribution of children's books in French in order to continue this language training that we engaged through this umpteenth activity Seeing these children with this joy lighting up their faces was another challenge taken up by Youth Institution.

This innocent, pure and true smile only children can communicate it to us. Our duty is to perpetuate it over time by giving them all our love, by protecting them but above all by educating them. Because the greatest gift we can give to humanity is the education of children.

The greatest good that can be transmitted to a child is knowledge. If each young person decides to take care of a child and give him the support necessary for his education, this would minimize the dropout rate of children and the illiteracy rate in the long term. We are models for our cadets and if each youngster inspires a child in their immediate environment, we will have a beautiful generation to come.

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