Do you need an English translation of a document written in French to do certain things? To translate your CV, cover letter or any other professional correspondence, you can refer to the AY Solutions center.

Indeed, we have a fleet of experienced American teachers for all your translation needs. Entrust your texts to be translated to us, rather than to an automatic translation tool. You will gain credibility, peace of mind and visibility!

The price studied for a quality translation service: 5 000f/page

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Whether you are a graduate student, a marketer or a professional in your field, you will be confronted with the quest for up-to-date and credible data in your career.

Whether it is a market study, a quick survey or a satisfaction survey, the decision to carry out a survey will come up at some point. To carry out a survey as part of a brief, for the launch of a product or any other need for information and a qualitative, quantitative and up-to-date database, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our teams will work with excellence, diligence and promptness to provide you with concrete results in terms of sampling methods, content, administration and questionnaire processing.

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Strategy is the key to targeting and reaching audiences potentially interested in a specific product. As a marketer, communicator or salesperson, we are the perfect partner to help you achieve your sales objectives. The AY Solutions centre will be able to assist you in drafting strategies with innovative and revolutionary ideas to outperform your competitors.

Indeed, launching a new product or approaching a new market should leave nothing to chance. From the design of the product or service to the promotion of its main assets, we will support you with a well thought-out and adapted strategy.

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