Youth volunteers of the Central African section visit a nursery

Our prospection in the nursery ended today with exchanges as fruitful as sad which made us burst into tears. Indeed this nursery school which shelters within it children whose age varies between 3-5 years is abandoned by all, leaving these innocent people abandoned to their own fate.

The needs of this school are enormous, among other things, the lack of sanitary facilities, play space, running water, libraries, etc. However, we are happy to know that all these conditions did not take over the children who still kept their smile to continue their studies.

We extend our sincere thanks to all of you for participating in the success of the day of excellence of the nursery named Christophe on June 11, 2019. Your presence alone was enough to give a good atmosphere and a festive allure to this activity. This meeting it must be said, was rich in sharing experiences in advice to instill in our children values such as respect for the environment, for parents and towards themselves in order to make them role models.

Our challenge is enormous, but we are confident that achieving it is far from impossible.

Again thank you and congratulations to the whole Youth Central African team.

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